RABBIT 120 TRIS Default Title Ferplast
RABBIT 120 TRIS  Ferplast
RABBIT 120 TRIS  Ferplast
RABBIT 120 TRIS  Ferplast
RABBIT 120 TRIS  Ferplast
RABBIT 120 TRIS  Ferplast


RABBIT 120 TRISRabbit hutch with three levels, complete with stand



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  • Rabbit hutch with three levels and a large living space
  • Spacious bases made of rigid plastic to contain dirt and litter
  • Varnished corrosion-resistant wire mesh
  • Lateral plastic columns
  • The various levels are connected by wooden ladders
  • The wire mesh at the front of the upper part of the hutch can be raised completely and has fastening clips designed to ensure your pet the utmost safety
  • Handy sliding doors reduce the risk of injury to your pet
  • The bases and the wire mesh can be separated simply by unhooking the clasps
  • Accessories included: 2 troughs for hay, 2 drinking bottles, 2 bowls, 1 level that acts as a little house
  • Stand with wheels included, to facilitate moving the hutch
With Rabbit 120 Tris, your friendly rabbits will have three levels all to themselves! The hutch, which can accommodate several animals, features really large spaces designed for the utmost comfort. The wire mesh structure has been treated with a special anti-corrosive paint, making it extremely resistant and long-lasting, and comes complete with lateral plastic columns that guarantee greater stability. The three spacious bases, which are made of thermoplastic resin, are effective in containing dirt, food residues and droppings, preventing them from leaking out of the hutch. The hutch is equipped with accessories including troughs for hay, water bottles, bowls and a little house for moments of relaxation, which you can position according to your needs. Two handy wooden ladders make it easy for your pet to get to the different levels.
Rabbit 120 Tris is equipped with a large door at the front, which can be opened completely, is useful for daily maintenance and comes complete with a special clip to keep it closed, designed to ensure the utmost safety for your pet. It also has sliding doors to reduce the risk of injury to your pet.

Maintenance is easy, due to the fact that the hutch can be completely dismantled and it is sold in a space-saving package. For more in-depth cleaning, the mesh can be separated from the various bases, by simply unhooking the practical clasps on the sides.
Rabbit 120 Tris comes complete with a useful metal stand with wheels.

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