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DOVERResin decoration for glass turtle tanks



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  • In non-toxic resin
  • Suitable holes for water suction
  • Very useful as filter thanks to the synthetic fibre Blufibre
  • Smart pump included in all models
  • Consisting of two parts with a removable cover
  • Easy maintenance
Dover are resin decorations for glass turtle tanks, all made from a special non-toxic food-grade resin that does not bleach. All models come complete with the submersible pump Smart and consisting of two parts: an upper part removable for cleaning and a lower part which can be fixed to the glass by using silicone (the use of the acetic silicon BLU 9015 is recommended).
Dover rocks for turtle tanks are complete with holes for water suction, may become efficient filters thanks to the possibility of introducing some synthetic fibre Blufibre.
Available in different models, Dover decorations are easy to maintain: just clean the pump rotor every 4-6 months with a soft brush and tepid water.

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