BLUCOMPACT 1 Default Title Ferplast
BLUCOMPACT 1  Ferplast


BLUCOMPACT 1Internal filter for aquariums and turtle tanks of max 45 litres



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  • Ideal for aquariums and turtle tanks of maximum 45 litres
  • Efficient water filtration and great flexibility of use
  • Fully submersible
  • Low power consumption
  • Adjustable flow
  • Can be fitted horizontally with a low water level
  • Oxygenation kit included
  • Easy maintenance since completely openable to extract the sponge
  • Accessories and spare parts: mechanical sponge and active carbon sponge
Blucompact 01, compact yet powerful, is the internal aquarium filter ensuring an efficient water filtration and great flexibility of use since it can fit both aquariums and turtle tanks, of maximum 45 liters of capacity. With very compact size, this accessory is easy to use and maintain, silent and reliable at the same time, guaranteeing adjustable flow and low power consumption. Blucompact is fully submersible, equipped with multi-direction water diffuser and can be fitted horizontally for use with low water level. Uniform water filtration is guaranteed thanks to a double suction intake. This product is also complete with oxygenation kit.
Inside the filter you will find a mechanical sponge while activated carbon sponges are available as spare parts. In order to grant your filter always works in optimum conditions, we recommend to substitute cartridges regularly or at least once every 2/3 months.

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